Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strange Eons and WFRP

The new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play has all sorts of beautiful components, which can make it a little daunting for the GM who intends to house rule a few things, or make up other new content. You don't want your personal creations to look dreadful and amateurish next to the official products.

Luckily, there's this program called Strange Eons. It was originally designed by the Arkham Horror community to make home-brewed full-color expansions for that game.

Some WFRP fans have made a plug-in for Strange Eons that allows you to make WFRP cards with the software, and I was impressed by their initial release. They were still in need of card backgrounds, so I decided to help generate some background art for the card types they hadn't made yet.

To the right you'll see my take on a card frame for Item cards.

Below that is my first stab at a card frame for Location cards.

Neither is nearly as ornate and detailed as the official cards, but they're not bad too shabby, either. They'll look much better once text and the other image files have been layered into them.


SiderisAnon said...

The images aren't showing up for me. When I try clicking on where one should be hoping to get it to show in another tab, I get a web page at vendolis.org that says, "You are not authorised to download this attachment." (The spelling error is their's.)

rbbergstrom said...

Weird. They display just fine on my screen, but then I've got an account there, so I suppose that's why. I must be "authorised".

Thanks for pointing out the technical issue. I've still got the originals on my hard-drive, so I'll probably upload them here later today.