Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Identifying your Boonhole

Ahem. A boonhole, for the sake of this post, is a hole in the Boon charts of a given Purview in Scion. As in, a place where an alternate boon is needed. This could be because existing boons at various levels are redundant, such as Water 2, 7, and 10. Or it could be most people who take a given Purview find certain boons to be lame, such as Death 2 or War 8. Or it could be because certain basic things you expect to find in a particular purview either don't exist or don't show up until the mid- or late- game, like any attack power for the Fire Purview.

Here's the lists we brainstormed:

All Purpose Boonholes
  • Darkness: 2 or 3 (just make sure it's not about hiding/disguise)
  • Death: 2, also something at a level 4-7 that isn't about Ghosts
  • Fertility: Any 2 boons at levels 5-10, and/or possibly a new level 1.
  • Fire: 3 (either control/manipulate fire or be a hero-level attack power)
  • Psychopomp: 2
  • Sky: 3 and 5.
  • Sun: 1 or 2 (should function like smoking mirror)
  • War: 2 or 3, plus 8
  • Water: 2, 7, 10 - they overlap, I'd probably just replace 2 of them
  • Death and Psychopomp: The general power that PCs with these purviews have to enter portals to their underworld should be codified into specific low-level boons.

Special Boonholes
  • Magic: New spells are always welcome, since magic's supposed advantage is that it has more spells than the other purviews have boons.
  • Mystery and Prophecy: Alternate versions can be found here and here.

Pantheon-Specific Boonholes
  • Heku: 2 or 3 or 7 or 8 or 10. (However, Heku levels 1-3 are so darned good, they kinda make up for the wonkiness later, so perhaps it's best to leave Heku alone. If I did anything to improve Heku 7/8/10, I'd knock Heku 1 - 3 down a few notches to balance.)
  • Tsukumo-Gami: 10
  • Of course, touching TG or Heku opens the doors on all sorts of Pantheon Specific craziness. Itzli just does the same thing at level after level, so you'd need 2-4 alternate Aztec boons. Cheval is more open-ended, but really the powers are similarly redundant. Arete would need to be redone entirely, since it's "just" a die-adder. The alternate Jotunblut now would need revising, perhaps so that both sets of Jotunblut boons could exist in the same campaign, etc. And since Heku 1 and 3 are so incredibly good (and making alternates just bumps up the power of Egyptian heroes), perhaps it's just best to leave well-enough alone.
  • Overworlds and Underworlds. The various Axis Mundi and the general ability of any PC to enter their pantheon's underworld from various places could be codified into specific boons.

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