Friday, July 11, 2008

New Knack: Standing Invitations

Standing Invitations
Charisma Knack
You are the social darling and media celebrity, recognized at all the hippest clubs. In addition, you possess honorary memberships to exclusive meetings you aren't 100% qualified to attend.

By spending a single Legend, you may automatically and immediately get past any mortal bouncer. This does NOT automatically extend to armed guards or watchdogs - anyone who is authorized to kill intruders is immune to this power. Those it affects, it also shields. The bouncer will not loose his job nor suffer penalty from any mortal agency for having let you in.

Alternately, for 1 legend you may improvise the "fact" that you no doubt received an invite via email or mail. If, indeed, invites were sent out via mundane mail or email, you'll retroactively have an invitation handy or otherwise be able to prove that your name is on the guest list. You just get so many invitations, this one had failed to draw your attention previously. Any mortal wedding may be crashed or award show attended, and everyone on the planning committee just assumes someone else must have invited you.

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