Friday, July 11, 2008

New Knack: Worshipful Throng

Worshipful Throng
Charisma Knack
Prerequisite: Entourage
Your friends and supporters don't just dote on you, they positively worship you. Any roll you make gains a dice bonus based on how many of your adoring fans are present. If you are their Hero, they provide one bonus die each, up to a maximum equal to your Legend Rating. At Demigod both those numbers are doubled, and at God they are tripled. These bonus dice function as mortal reverence - replacing dice gained as such, not stacking on top of them. In effect, this knack is quantifying the level of fated connection between you and your Entourage. Under certain circumstances, the GM may award you a greater bonus, this power merely ensures a baseline minimum amount of reverence.

Note however, that in order to grant such dice, the Entourage member must be present and aware of roughly what you are doing. So, to grant you a bonus on a Boon activation, they'd need to be nearby and know that you're doing something magical or godly.

All the members of your Entourage are assumed to have beneficial fated roles relative to you. They do not penalize your action (unless you are leaving them to die or taking other patently unheroic activities) and will almost never be a burden to the player or character.

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r_b_bergstrom said...

What was I thinking? This was a horrible idea. Or rather, the idea wasn't bad, but the execution was broken. With a good Charisma roll, a PC could gather up 20 or more people via "Entourage" - and then get +60 dice from at God level. Seems a little silly. Definitely NOT using this as-written in my campaign.