Friday, July 11, 2008

Saying "No" to Knighthood, I'm afraid.

My ol' buddy Brad has suggested I play Knighthood. He says I'd really like it. But, to play, you need a Facebook account.

A lame demo of Knighthood, with like NO VOLUME. Learn to use a microphone, dude!

I can definitely see how there could be some fun there, despite the lackluster promotional video that's only for those with super-senses. Brad swears its the best of the free online RPG -style games, but I'll never play, I'm afraid.

It's not just 'cause I have a myspace page I never use, and don't need yet another social network gathering dust. It's not just 'cause my wife talked me into plurking, and I don't want yet another way to waste time on line. It's that Facebook scares the crap out of me.

2 vids explaining why Facebook is the spawn of Satan:

Chances are, it's all blown out of proportion, but the consequences if it's not are serious enough that I'm just gonna play it safe and avoid facebook. Sorry, Brad!

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