Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Alternate Prophecy Purview

I just posted 10 new boons for the Prophecy Purview in Scion. For campaigns using this version, Prophecy moves from being a Special Purview to being an All-Purpose Purview, and uses the cost and progression rules for APPs. The existing powers (and dice) presented in the Scion: Hero rulebook are NOT used in conjunction with these boons, which totally replace that system (except for the Avatar level).

The new boons are:
  1. Minor Visions
  2. Danger Sense
  3. Search For A Sign
  4. Lateral Prognostication
  5. Foretelling The Messiah
  6. Forespeak Destruction
  7. Friend or Foe
  8. Voice of Fate
  9. Negative Prophecy
  10. It's A Wonderful Life
  11. The Wyrd (The Avatar level given in Scion: God by White Wolf)
Those interested in the rationales behind this change should click here and here. These boons would not be possible without a great deal of brainstorming and feedback by people at the Scion forums - thanks, guys - and, of course, the framework and ubercoolness provided by White Wolf Publishing.
EDIT: This is now also available at the White Wolf Wiki. You can see all the boons on one screen here by clicking on the Prophecy (Scion) label.

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