Friday, July 11, 2008

New Knack: Entourage

Charisma Knack
You have a network of friends, supporters, assistants and hangers-on. While any child of the gods could have as much with a little effort, for you it just comes automatically. Mortals just like you. Taking this knack grants you mortal entourage. These are just normal people who want to be involved in your life. They aren't bodyguards, and aren't necessarily worshipers, either. Unlike the Followers birthright, they won't willing follow you into death or even battle, though they will defend themselves and you to the best of their meagre abilities should escape be implausible.

The members of your Entourage come from whatever walks of life seem appropriate to your character's backstory. Rather than building them individually, the GM uses generic mortal stats (per page 280-281 of Scion Hero) to represent them. At any given time, a number of them at least equal to your Legend Rating are free and available, and not more than a couple minutes away unless you have been intentionally avoiding people. Given 12 hours notice, you can draw a crowd of supporters to any social function at least as large as the successes you score on a roll of Charisma+Presence+Legend. Again, they don't do your exact bidding, but will try hard to earn your attention. They are great for populating a party or political rally, making yourself look (or feel) loved, and for getting large teamwork bonuses on relatively mundane non-combat rolls.


Patrick said...

Just curious but isn't this knack covered by Pied Piper?

r_b_bergstrom said...

I guess it sort of is. What I was going for was the idea that they'd be your actual friends and hangers-on.

Pied Piper coerces people around you to stick around and go with you. As such you could (and I do) view it as a form of mind-control.

Even so, it makes them want to hang around, but it doesn't make them do your bidding. Pied piper can bring people to your political rally, but it won't make them carry signs with slogans of your choosing.

I believe what I was trying for was more of a "you've got lots of friends" power, so it'd have more in common with my own "Friends Everywhere" than with "Pied Piper"

In fact, more specifically, I was attempting to step on the toes of 1-dot mortal followers. They're just not worth it, mechanically, to spend multiple birthright points on a network of all-but-useless mortal contacts. With entourage, however, you could fork out just 5xp to effectively have a technically never-ending supply of whimpy noncombatants. That way certain character concepts could be fulfilled without having to pay through the nose for things you don't expect to get much in-game benefit from.

But since I wrote it during a late-night brainstorming session over 2 months ago, it's hard to say exactly what I intended. :)