Thursday, July 17, 2008


It was brought to my attention today, that while I'm still bitching at the Scion Forums, I haven't contributed much quality material lately.

Partly that's 'cause we've already house-ruled all the easy-to-fix issues. What's left is the ones I don't have good solutions for.

The other factor has to do with how many house-rules we've already installed. Our campaign is so full of patches and clarifications and decisions-on-the-spot, that it's become increasingly harder to write things that are universally helpful. My campaign, with it's "generalist" PCs (at least 2 dots in all 9 Epics), and large volumes of errata, just isn't facing the same issues that new campaigns are. Sometimes I'll start to contribute something, and then realize it's not generally helpful, so I stop. Other times (like today), I don't catch myself, and then someone calls me on it. I really don't want to be that jerk who does nothing but bitch.

I'm tempted to go post my recent Knacks, but I'm not prepared to defend them (since, despite my calling them "recent", they were composed over 2 months ago), and more knacks ain't what the game needs. *sigh*


Patrick said...

ZDracolis cross posting from the White Wolf Forums::

Mister Bergstrom, long story short, ignore the bastards that post like Buhl and Arthur... there's a large percentage of regular posters and beyond that enjoy the rules you change. Some I disagree with, but the great part is, I don't have to use them if I don't want to. Others I like (The balancing of Sidhe's jotunblut for example), and would use in an instant. The people who matter like you ;)

r_b_bergstrom said...

Thank you. You rock.