Friday, July 11, 2008

New Knack: Aggressive Immune System

Aggressive Immune System
Stamina Knack

Your immune system is so hyperactive, it can invade other's bodies and trigger allergic reactions or even eat them alive from the inside. To trigger this effect, you must expose a person to your bodily fluids, and spend a legend. This can be done covertly or amorously, or even via the blunt and insulting act of spitting on them. (Spitting during combat is a Dexterity roll, generally with all the usual penalties of being unskilled, though a player who wishes to develop this aspect of his character may purchase "Spit" as an Ability not unlike Marksmanship. Range is yards equal to 1+ Legend Rating. Speed for a good mouthful is 6.)

Your immune agents function as a poison. It has no Tolerance value. The damage rating is (Epic Stamina)L/day. Toxicity is (your Legend Rating)L.

Per the poison rules on pages 183-184 of Scion: Hero, this means (per dose) the victim takes one level of unsoakable Lethal damage every day, until they've taken total levels equal to your dots of Epic Stamina. Each time they take damage they can roll Stamina + Fortitude with a difficulty of your Legend Rating - if they succeed, that day's level of unsoakable Lethal is instead taken as a die of unsoakable Lethal. If they score double your Legend, it's a die of unsoakable Bashing. Rolling three times your Legend would prevent all damage that day.

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