Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Voice Of Fate (Prophecy 8)

Voice of Fate
(Prophecy ooooo ooo)
Dice Pool: Typically none, but sometimes Intelligence + Occult
Cost: 1 legend / level of Prophecy sent
Following the example set by the Fates, you've learned to delegate. You may pass your visions on to your own mortal oracles. Whenever you use Prophecy, you may choose to pass it on to one of your followers instead of gaining the benefits yourself. You still roll, and make any decisions involving the activation, but your chosen oracle sees with your eyes and speaks with your voice. Combined with the Hear Prayers knack, you can selectively send the visions only to those who pray for them, but there's nothing that stops you from inflicting prophecy on those who don't want it.

When you send a prophecy to a Follower or worshiper (or your own child) you use the normal activation cost of the boon being sent, plus extra legend points equal to the level of the boon being transmitted. The range of this power is unlimited, you can even send visions to an oracle on another plane of existence. The only Prophecy boons you can't send are this one, the avatar level, and the tenth level boon. Once you have used it on a worshiper in at least 3 different scenes, you also gain the ability to communicate to them for one legend per sentence, similar to a long-range version of the Telepathy knack.

For those who are not allied to you, you may force Prophecy upon them, as Apollo did to Kassandra. This requires a roll of your Intelligence + Occult vs their Willpower + Integrity + Legend, in addition to the costs listed for followers. If you fail the roll, the prophecy cannot be sent to them (though all costs must still be paid).

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