Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Forspeak Destruction (Prophecy 6)

Forespeak Destruction
(Prophecy ooooo o)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Cost: 1 willpower
By looking into the future, you may learn a person's fatal flaw, the tragic destiny that will be their undoing. By spending 5 ticks gazing at a person, you learn their Legend rating, and their greatest Virtue or Dark Virtue (or multiple of the same if they have several rated at the same level) along with the effects of the related virtue extremity. Armed with this information, you may predict what will be their undoing. This itself costs nothing, and involves no die roll. Those come in when you actually tell them the horrible fate you foresaw.

For creatures with Virtues or Dark Virtues, the answer is that they will fall victim to the dark side of their strongest virtue. If their legend is less than yours, you may roll Manipulation + Occult (they contest via Willpower+Integrity+Legend), if you succeed, you gain the ability to force that extremity upon them at any time (from any distance) by spending a willpower. You may do so immediately, and/or wait till later. You may do so no more than once per day. Note that if you personalize the destruction you announce (such as "your rapacity will cause you to gorge yourself to death eating your own children"), it will probably score you stunt dice on the roll.

For victims who lack virtues (and have Legend less than yours), you may predict any terrible fate of your wishing, provided that it's something the GM deems befitting of that person's Legend Rating. You thereafter gain the ability to spend a willpower to make them flee or cower in terror. For victims without a Legend Rating, you may choose that they die in a totally mundane way, such as a car crash or a virus, or even in some humiliating fashion, such as an accident during autoerotic asphyxiation.

For those of equal or greater legend than yourself, your pronouncement increases the chance of that flaw impacting them. If you succeed on the contested roll, they lose the ability spend willpower to suppress that Virtue. Instead, they must roll against it whenever attempting to override the virtue. For those of equal legend, this penalty lasts for one month, for those of greater legend it lasts but a scene.

The effects of this boon may also be canceled by a variety of mind-affecting powers, including Moon 7, Prophecy 9, Justice 9, or any of several different Avatar/Ultimate level powers.

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