Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life (Prophecy 10)

It's A Wonderful Life
(Prophecy ooooo ooooo)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult
Cost: 1 Willpower Dot and 20 Legend Points
You have the ability to foretell how the worlds would develop without you if you just kept to yourself.

To use this power, you must expend a permanent willpower dot and 20 temporary legend points. Roll Intelligence + Occult, including the full bonus of any Epics, Arete, or other powers that add dice or successes. For every success, the GM must reveal one major plot point they intend to carry out. These come in the form of "if you don't do something to stop it..." Most are bad things that will happen without your intervention, but they reveal secret plans or capabilities of enemies both known and unknown. A few can be good things that will happen, but that should be no more than a dozen (or so) of the successes. With a really good roll, this could leave very little unrevealed in the campaign.

Alternately, the player can forgo rolling the dice to simply ask the GM one question, which he or she must answer truthfully and fully - no tricks.

This is a massive power, capable of warping and derailing storylines, revealing hidden allegiances, spoiling numerous mysteries, etc. Conveniently, the power level of challenges and NPCs at Legend 11+ is sweeping enough that simply knowing who the badguys are (and what their plans entail) doesn't guarantee you can foil them. Knowing that Loki will trick Thor into killing you doesn't automatically undo his trickery, and you'll still have to act to prevent it - or be prepared to weather the storm.

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