Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lateral Prognostication (Prophecy 4)

Lateral Prognostication
(Prophecy oooo)
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower
The Fates themselves guide your intuitive process, gifting you with precognitive vision and great ability to "think outside the box." You may spend a willpower to request from the GM a vision pertaining to a specific upcoming challenge or plot point that has you stymied. This boon stomps all over traditional mystery plotlines, by providing access to breaks that no mortal detective could ever reasonably expect to receive. However, it does nothing to protect against short-term deceptions. It is rare that the methods prompted by these visions involve doing things within the current scene - generally this power puts you on a path to solving things tomorrow or at least a few hours from now.

The vision so granted comes in the format of "If you do A, the result will be B". The GM has a lot of leeway in what to slot into that statement, and it can involve some very overt "coincidence" or even obvious manipulation by the Fates themselves.

To reap the benefit of B, the PC must do A. The only real restrictions are that "A" must be something the PC is capable of doing, and "B" must be must be beneficial to the PC, and must consist of new data/leads. You can't just confirm things the player likely already figured out. The point of this power is to provide new avenues for information gathering, and ways for players to sidestep impasses and mental obstacles.

For example, if your PC is trying to battle an epidemic, this boon might reveal "If you go to park at 9 am tomorrow, the man in a red hat will hold the key to the cure." The GM has plenty of latitude there. The man in the red hat could be a powerful supernatural who is spreading the infection. He could be the poor accursed mortal whose hubris provoked a god to unleash the disease. Or he could be an otherwise normal human with a random genetic immunity, the existence of which could enable a Science or Medicine roll to create a vaccine. Such a vision provides a lead that the PCs never would have gotten to via logic or mundane detective work, but still requires some efforts on their part to get the full reward.

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