Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Search For A Sign (Prophecy 3)

Search For A Sign
(Prophecy ooo)
Dice Pool: Perception + Occult
Cost: 1 legend
By consulting tarot, star charts, runestones, or other divinatory tools, you may determine the better of two possible courses of action. Doing so takes 10 minutes of focus. You name two possible approaches to the situation at hand, and then roll Perception + Occult. Record the number of successes you score.

The GM decides which of those two paths is most suitable to his or her campaign plans, and tells you that the stars/cards/runes favor that path. Every success becomes a bonus die that is set aside. You may use those dice on any action while on that path, up to a number of dice equal to your Legend rating on any given roll. Doing so is reflexive, and involves no effort or involvement on the part of your character. Each bonus die may only be used once, then it goes away. You may even use the dice to augment rolls made by other characters, but you cannot expend more dice than your legend on any one tick.

Should the players for some reason decide to follow the other path instead, the successes become bonus dice the GM can use to boost villains and obstacles that stand against the PCs. Should the two options the player presented have only trivial cosmetic differences, the GM can apply the dice to both - the players get one pool of bonus dice to the things they are doing, but an equal pool of obstacle dice is reserved to apply anytime they step even just a bit outside the narrow path they created. Far better to pick two methods that are dynamically opposed, so that the penalty dice can only be invoked if you stray afar from the better path.

To prevent potential abuse, a few additional restrictions govern the use of this power. First, bonus dice can never be used in the same scene that the power is activated - they apply only to future scenes. Secondly, activating the power again wastes/eliminates any remaining dice from previous uses, and dice from this power cannot be used on future activations of this power. Lastly, all bonus dice go away at the end of the story.

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