Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Foretelling The Messiah (Prophecy 5)

Foretelling The Messiah
(Prophecy ooooo)
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower and 1 or more Legend.
Gifted with flashes of insight, you may predict that a particular PC or NPC holds the solution to the problem at hand. Making such a declaration costs 1 Willpower point, and any number of Legend points up to a limit equal to your Legend Rating. This insight comes to you in a (Speed: 5) vision - while the player chooses who will fulfill the role of the prophecy, the character does not (they see it as Fate itself having chosen).

In a later scene this same story, the player of the prophecied character may announce that they are attempting to fulfill your prophecy with their current action. Any stunts they perform on that action add auto-successes instead of dice. In addition, if they expend a legendary deed on that action, it grants successes equal to their Legend Rating (as normal) plus one success for every point of legend you spent while activating this Boon. This bonus affects a maximum of one roll, and that roll cannot be made in the same scene in which this power is activated.

You may only name one person to be your messiah at a time. Using the power again immediately ends the effects of all previous activations. You may name yourself as the messiah, but doing so increases the cost of this power by 3 extra legend points. Regardless of whether or not you ever name yourself messiah, you may not indicate the same character in back-to-back messianic prophecies. Someone else must have used the bonus before you can give it to the same person a second time.

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