Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reprising self-imagined greatness

Last thursday, I played Hollows & Hobgoblins at the Emerald City Gamefeast. H&H is a Wushu-derivative. I'd played it before for Manu's first playtest. I got to reprise my character from that Gellur, the overly flamboyant warrior/metalmage, who liked to remind people that he was a hero. It's the most annoyingly pompous I've ever played, and remember - I've GM'd Amber.

The character's a bit like Zap Branigan, except with some magical talents so he's not completely useless. I'd share more, but one of my cats just decided he and his claws need my attention. The game was fun. Manu improved greatly on the first session, which itself was a very enjoyable game to begin with.

The Zap Branigan comparison isn't entirely accurate. Gellur was/is more flamboyant, and less lecherous. He's also a lot more heroic. I spent much of the session assuring the other PCs that I'd protect them (not that they wanted protection, or my assurances thereof, but I didn't let a little thing like that stop my character's ego), especially the "little ones" (half the party was hobbits). As a result, I took a lot of damage (but surprisingly little of it was inflicted by the rest of the party).

I named Gellur after the famous spoon-bender / charlatan. Hollows & Hobgoblins has a cheaply available magic, much of it with an elemental theme. So, I made him a Metal Mage. His Signature Move is making inanimate objects that people are holding grow mouths and bite them.

My wife starts teleworking in half an hour, and needs the computer, so she's clawing and biting me just like the cat was. Gotta go again.

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