Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Making a game of it

Hopefully, all my "doom and gloom" predictions from yesterday turn out to be completely blown out of proportion. Hopefully, the new President* is elected by the people, with a minimum of hanky-panky and no voter fraud. With any luck, their new administration* will dismantle the fascist machinery erected by the previous one.

That way, I'll be able to write a nice Alternative History game, an RPG about a parallel world where everything went from worse to apocalyptic. As I learned via my Scion campaign, that sort of stuff isn't actually fun to game in if you honestly believe it's currently going on, or even just has a good chance to happen. The lead up to the characters in our Scion campaign dueling Dick Cheney (corrupted Scion of Posiedon who'd struck a bargain with Prometheus) was really uncomfortable on a lot of levels.

*: I hope that new President isn't McCain, and even more I hope the new VP isn't the religious extremist named Palin, but more important is that whoever the majority of Americans actually vote for ends up in office.

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