Tuesday, September 30, 2008

de Blob

I'm really digging this odd Wii game we rented. It's called de Blob.

In the game, you're battling against a Fascist government that has illegally seized power. So, it fits my politics.

I was nearly an hour into the game before the first fight scene happened, and it lasted maybe 2 seconds and three swings of the wiimote. You see, it's not yet another first person shooter. Instead, in this game you're playing a blob of paint, and the enemy includes inkwells and little robots that suck pigment out of people. The Fascists have stolen all the color from the world, and your job is to paint the buildings. Doing so will liberate the people, and return funk music to the land. When you paint a block, the inhabitants come outside, and celebrate. Then you paint them, and they celebrate more. You bounce around trying to find more surfaces to paint, mixing colors as you go, and spreading joyful populist graffiti to the masses.

It's pretty kooky.

I wish they'd done a little more with the controls, though. I think the challenges could be harder, and the controls more responsive. Seems like the same swinging motion does just about everything, and that's my only complaint with the game. Despite it, I'm finding the game ravenously addictive.

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