Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pimping the Arcana Wiki meme

Yesterday, I started posting to the Arcana Wiki. It's a fledgling wiki, less than a year old, but it's got some serious potential. It's similar to Wikipedia or the TV Tropes Wiki, except specifically aimed at gaming and gamers. Thus far, the articles tend to be much briefer than either of those longer-established wikis.

What makes Arcana Wiki cool is that each (or at least most) articles end with a "Game and Story Use" section, where various plot hooks and character concepts are provided, to explore ways in which the topic of that entry could be used in an RPG. It's not just an encyclopedia, it more like a big group brainstorm of neat things you could do in a role-playing game. Most pages start with the accepted facts on a topic, and then wrap up with conspiracy theories, what if's, ways you could twist it in an RPG, plotlines this topic would suggest, etc. With gamers being the intended audience, it can devote pages to subjects that would only get a skeptical gloss-over (or be vulnerable to constant flame-wars over how to edit it) on wikipedia.

I plan on contributing to Arcana Wiki quite frequently, and you might consider doing so, to. Come on, you know ya wanna. It'll be fun.

(Even if you don't contribute, you're still welcome to steal ideas from it, as that's clearly the point of the endeavor.)

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