Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Arcana Wiki Meme

I couldn't believe Arcana Wiki lacked a page on Memes, so I added one. I've felt for a long time that they've got some spectacular gaming potential, and I used them a little in my Scion campaign. It was fun dreaming up ways to color Memes in an RPG:
  • Memes could, within the context of an RPG, turn out to be a form of alien life, supernatural creature, or wizardry. It's not just a catchy pop song, it's a mind-warping horror from another world!
  • Given a critical threshold of believers, a meme could develop into a Mythago or Egregore.
  • A particularly virulent meme could result in a rapid transformation of a society. Consider Dutch Tulipomania in 1637, or the rise of Nazi Germany. In RPG terms, a society "attacked" by a meme could "reverse alignment" in just a few weeks.
That's some heady stuff, and not necessarily easy to work into just any old game.

So, I added a couple of concrete noun pages while I was at it: a page on LeMat Revolvers, and a page on Gyrojets. The wiki's gun page was just a stub, and needed some content. While I'm no firearms expert, those oddball historical guns were something I knew a touch about (and more importantly, I knew what sources to reference for more data) so I could summarize them easily.

My writing about the LeMat last night inspired someone else to put up a page on the Buntline Special, which is an even cooler western firearm that I'd all but forgotten about. I'd forgotten how much fun contributing to a wiki can be.

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