Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monster Summoning VII

One of the blogs I read fairly often mentioned a post on different blog that said:
The otherfun discovery was the spell Monster Summoning VII. Nowadays it's just one link on the great chain of Monster Summoning spells. But when Greyhawk came out the monster charts only had six levels. MS VII buried the needle on the system and referees were supposed to come up with their own list of beloved and wicked monsters that this mighty ninth level magic summoned. I love that.
So here's my challenge to all you refs out there: share either in the comments here or on your own blog a custom Ultimate Monster Summoning chart for your campaign. Note that all monsters don't have to be uber-lethal. Packs of Hell Hounds and Displacer Beasts are listed as examples, seemingly just because the authors dig those critters.
My chart, though I'm not sure what campaign this is for...
  1. 1 Slaad of each color, and a very disgusted Princess
  2. 2d8 Orky Madboyz, + 2d12 Goblins, + 2d30 Snotlings/Squigs/Boars, + More Dakka
  3. 2d6 Booster Gangers, each with unique Chrome. They're holding a copy of Morton's List.
  4. 1d8 Mutant Narwhals (if only 1 appears, he's wearing a parachute)
  5. 1d6 Magi, bearing gifts.
  6. A close blood relative of the PC. If none are known to exist, then Brand is family. And he probably won.
  7. Ratatosk, the Gossipy Squirrel, riding on (or pursued by) Nidhogg
  8. Gemini Incident: One spanner, and 1d10 of his Elders.
  9. Brown Jenkins, perched atop the Necronomicon, which is held in the bloody hands of Keziah Mason. Gnarly Hotep is optional.
  10. An ogre riding an OGRE. Not the other way around - that'd be messy.
  11. The Clock Tower.
  12. Roll again, but play the part as if Jack Nance were cast in the role.

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