Friday, May 16, 2008

Nature vs Nurture in Scion

The core concept of Scion is strongly in the "Nature" camp - PCs are children of Gods, and that semi-divine nature blesses them with many powers and the potential for immortality.

However, much of the rest of the game flirts with the "Nurture" position, or at least doesn't give one much reason to put much stock in biology.
  • If another God adopts a Scion, it changes their favored abilities/epics/purviews. Hard to say whether that's "Nurture" or just "Nature can be changed".
  • Divine Ichor doesn't necessarily have the same chromosomes and DNA as our mortal cells. Likely it doesn't, in fact, since bodies made of said ichor can shapeshift and turn immaterial and lift hundreds of tons and what not.
  • The laws of Genetics came to be codified only because Gaia was locked away in Tarterus for a few thousand years. Now that she's free, the very concept of "Nature" becomes wild and unpredictable, and the laws of biology trend towards mutability and inconstancy.
  • Not all Scions grow up to be Gods - within the setting, many don't even make it to Demigod, and it's largely assumed the PCs are amongst the first to achieve Godhood in the modern era.

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