Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Magic Decision

In my inbox:
Each year every DCI Judge needs to renew and actively judge events (based on level). Failure to do either can result in your judge membership expiring soon
It's been about 9 or 10 months since I last judged or played in a tournament. It's been 6 to 8 months since I last bought a Magic card. I haven't actually played Magic since I moved to Seattle (which is silly, considering that the HQ of judging and the game itself is like 20 minute drive away). I need to make a decision.

Here's the options I see before me:
  1. Dive back into it. Recommit to judging before my Level 2 expires. Find a place I want to play and/or judge, and go do some casual games from time to time. Start buying cards again so I can get up to speed on what the formats are like and how the rules have changed.
  2. Get out. Set up an ebay account and start selling all my cards. Score some money, and free up shelf space.
  3. Follow plan #2, then regret it later, and feel like an idiot.
It's the existence of course #3 that makes this tough.

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SiderisAnon said...

I firmly believe that if you go with plan two, you'll end up at plan three and really regretting it. No doubt in my mind.

Go. Find a store or two to play and judge at. You really seemed to love the game when you were here, it was just the people running things that annoyed you. Give it a try in Seattle.

Really, if you don't at least TRY, you'll never know.