Sunday, May 25, 2008

D&D and Scion

As stated last week, I'll be running a couple sessions of D&D the next few trips to Portland. I wanted to get myself up to speed on the 3.5 rules since I hadn't run in a while, so I checked out the Rules Compendium from my local library. (Great book, by the way. Too bad it came out so late in 3.5's life, as it's both really helpful and easy-to-use. Despite 4th being out any day now, I'm still tempted to buy a copy of the 3.5 Rules Compendium.)

Anyhow, in refamiliarizing myself with D&D, I've come to realize a new analogy to explain my frustration with certain mechanical aspects (namely DV and soak) of Scion.

Scion is like a D&D campaign with the following houserules:
  1. The calculation for AC is 12 + Dex Mod + Armor + Level.
  2. All characters and monsters have Damage Reduction at least equal to Hit Dice + Con Mod.

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r_b_bergstrom said...

3. You're not allowed to take item creation feats till you reach 20th level. :)