Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Continuum Gumshoe

If I ever run Continuum again (and I would really like to), I'll probably port it over to the GUMSHOE system. I think it would be an excellent match - information control is the name of the game in Continuum, so Gumshoe's various investigative skills would be right at home there.

This would also provide solutions to the two gripes in my earlier post about Continuum:
  1. Gumshoe has much more elegant rules for mundane combat than Continuum does.
  2. You could put all 10 Fraternities on the character sheet, and give starting characters 1 dot in 3 of them, determined randomly. They'd work like Investigative Abilities, with a Spend meaning you're calling in a favor from some friend in that Fraternity. Possibly a friend you haven't met yet. You give them randomly to the players, so they only have to learn 2 or 3 of them, but between the whole party most of the fraternities are represented. Osmosis of information would occur gently in the background.
On top of that, numerous other elements of Continuum would convert well to Gumshoe. Here's a couple examples off the top of my head:
  • Graces would become a spendable trait - a new character has just a point or two of Grace, which can be spent to make a "coincidence" happen.
  • Gemini would be a spendable trait, but one that only refreshed when your achieved the next level of Span. When you want to Slipshank something, you either take Frag, or spend a Gemini point.
  • Most Time Combat Stratagems would be easy to convert. You'd replace die rolls and charts with Investigative Spends, making Time Combat faster as a bonus.

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