Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dryads and Murder Hobos in How To Host A Dungeon

I played around a little with How To Host A Dungeon today, which I hadn't done since December or January. While I don't have a big ol' blog post about it (or even just a finished map to share) this time, I did add a couple new Wandering Monster ideas to the How To Host A Dungeon Wiki. Here's the rules text to two alternate Wandering Monster groups for the map-drawing dungeon-designing game.

Murder Hobos: Murder Hobos start with 4Black-round-md and 2White-round-md just below a random entrance to the dungeon. On their turn they behave exactly like Chaotic Adventurers, except they stop moving after their first Encounter each turn to rest up, regain spells and resupply. Roll a d6 each time, and if you roll less than their remaining Black-round-md, they resurrect one of their number. During other Group's turns (including the Surface Kingdom and other Adventurers), Murder Hobos are encountered as if they were a Wandering Monster.

Dryads: Dryads start at the empty point on the surface nearest where the token dropped. Draw a "haunted tree" there. Dryads will never move below the surface, and create a new haunted tree wherever they end their movement without an encounter. At the end of the Surface Kingdoms' turn, if there are no longer any Dryads in play, add Black-round-md to a randomly chosen haunted tree. Whenever the Surface Kingdoms make a new building on the spot where an unoccupied haunted tree exists, they may first erase that tree from the map. 

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