Wednesday, May 21, 2014

4 Myth Chapter Quests

Here's four more Chapter Quest Cards I made for Myth.

"Caravan Besieged" adds an objective for the Heroes to try to accomplish on the Tile: protect a number of NPCs from monster attack.

Though it won't come up often, I'm really pleased with the failure consequences. The Merchant deck in Myth has two colors of cards in it, and while the blue cards have generally better goods for sale,  nothing in the game ever references it mechanically. It's just unused design space, so this is my first foray into it.

Tying the number of merchants to the number of hunting packs and lairs will hopefully encourage players to push their luck a little and try out a bigger fight than they otherwise would be comfortable with.

"Earthquake!" is very straightforward and front-loaded. There's a couple die rolls at the start of the Tile that might inflict the Prone condition on some Heroes or Monsters. I kept the rewards very minimal, because with a small party, the earthquake itself is likely to be a net positive. (If I've done my math right, with 2 Heroes in play, there's an expected average result of 1.2 Heroes Prone, and 2.2 monsters Prone.)  Even if you have a bad roll, you can stand the whole party back up if you simply Refresh twice (twice because whoever entered the Tile first won't have skipped an entire Hero Cycle so they won't stand up) without playing any cards. To complicate that decision, I added a one-time 2 AP penalty: if you want the whole party to stand up before the monsters do, you'll have to Loiter.

Many Myth playgroups have house-ruled away the Loitering penalty/rule. If your table has instituted such a house-rule, I recommend changing the 2 AP penalty on "Earthquake!" to a 4 AP penalty to compensate. You'll still almost always all get to stand up before the monsters, but will at least have fewer actions before the monsters start moving.

"Opening Volley" is also a straight-forward modifier or 'fire-and-forget' development, more than an actual "Quest". There's nothing special for the Heroes to do, except suffer through a bunch of extra ranged attacks at the start of the Tile. It will mostly likely really punish the brave soul who stepped onto the new Tile first. So it's kind of like the Earthquake, except with a real chance of killing an overly bold character if their vitality was low and they had no defensive interrupts. As a result, the rewards are a little better on this card.

I avoided describing exactly what sort of range weapon the monsters are using, since Crawlers spit venom and other monster types would be more likely to use bows, javelins, or rocks. I did however give the Archer an extra minor reward so there's no "a whole bunch of orcs just shot at me, and I still can't find any arrows!?" comments at the game.

"Uphill Battle" is an ongoing situation that will definitely complicate gameplay on the Tile, and hopefully force some interesting tactical decisions, as targets may slide out of position when you Refresh, and the loot drops may all vanish before the tile is clear. It was a lot of words to cram onto the card, and further complicated because the game's glossary doesn't really differentiate between object types. Really, I'd love for treasure, boulder tokens, and wall tokens to all have their own movement rules for this card, but there's just no good way to shoehorn that all into the available space. What I settled on is a bit of a compromise and will require further playtesting, but should work reasonably well.

Hopefully those four new Chapters will help extend the game by another session or so while we all wait patiently for Wave 2 of Myth to finally ship out. I've seen a few people on the various fora say that they're starting to run out of Quests already.

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