Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stability Chart for Gumshoe Continuum

My Monday and Wednesday game is a Continuum campaign, but using the Gumshoe mechanics. Which meant that I incorporated stability from Gumshoe, but had to come up with values for stability losses for all sorts of Continuum-related scenarios such as the Time Combat Stratagems. Here's the modified version of the Stability chart that we use for that campaign.

Most entries come from the Trail of Cthulhu or Esoterrorists rules, duplicated here without permission. You would need one of those books, plus the Continuum rulebook, to use the following. I'm listing it here to save some work for other GMs that might want to try out a Gumshoe/Continuum hybrid game.

Incident Stability Loss
You Frag someone (Accidental or deliberate) 1
Reveal to a friend where and when you Hide 1
View a particularly shocking work of art 1
A nasty argument or social drama, unexpected stress 1
You see a fresh corpse, or witness a killing 1
Fragged (Accidentally or unknown cause) your Frag total
Dream Haunted 1d6
Isolated by 3 or more foes 1d6, plus effects of fragging
Attacked with evident intent to do serious harm 2
Car or industrial accident imperils you 2
Witness to acts of torture 2
Unexplained phenomena and sensations 2
Caltrop Stratagem foils and frustrates you 2
Fragged deliberately by an enemy 2 + your Frag total
Attacked with evident intent to kill 3
You kill someone in a fight 3
Reveal the time and place where you Hide to an enemy or rival 3
Harbinger threat made good against you 1d6+2 initially, subsequent efforts just 3
See a particularly grisly murder scene, accident, or battlefield 4
Learn a friend or loved one has been violently killed 4
Invitation To Dance 4
Attacked by a friend or loved one 5
Committing murder or torture 5
You Fragged someone to Lost Cause or worse 5
Unnatural and threatening phenomena - witchcraft, haunting, etc 5
Learning of your own death via Iron Man 1d6+4
Fragged deliberately by a friend or loved one 5 + your Frag total
Discover the corpse of a friend or loved one 6
Tortured for an hour or longer 6
Spanning for the first time 6
Attacked by a T-Rex or Alien 8 minus your Span, to a minimum of 3 stability
You see a friend or loved one killed 7
You see a friend or loved one killed in a particularly gruesome manner 8
You kill a friend or loved one 8
Fragging a loved one out of existence 9
You witness your own Elder death 9
Realizing you are a Lost Cause 9
You witness your own Junior death! 8 + your Frag total (so, 10 at least)

With the exception of the modified chart, we use the Stability rules from Esoterrorists, as opposed to the more complicated Stability-and-Sanity rules from Trail of Cthulhu.

Looking over the chart, I realize that I probably need to add an entry for when someone is rendered Graceless. Having that happen to you is probably worth a 2-pt to 4-pt test. Hasn't happened to PC in my game yet, so I hadn't considered it.

Hmm... I could probably reorder that a bit. In general, it's in order from least impactful to most devastating, however, the way the  d6 for Isolate is added to whatever other fragging stability loss happens, making it a lot more potent than it's placement on the table would suggest. Most typically, frag loss from an Isolate is going to be at least 5 points and could easily hit 10. 1d6 + 2 + Frag total, at least. That's why the narcissists call us The Swarm.

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