Friday, May 28, 2010

Nicely-timed Press Release

On Tuesday, I wrote the following about Warhammer RPG:
"Later this summer they're releasing a magic supplement, which will also have rules for corruption and mutation. Probably, I'll buy that and see what it does to magic, then decide thereafter whether or not to continue purchasing this game line. If it turns out I'm [likely to] rebuild it entirely, I probably don't need to keep buying. But if they plan to release more career cards, and I plan to just trim out some of the less elegant bits, then I could see myself continuing to buy new releases and adapt them as I go."

On Thursday morning, FFG revealed that the magic supplement I mentioned will include in it a bunch of new career cards (most of which are surprisingly not magic-using careers). The very thing I said I'd need to keep me interested in the game, is (at least to some extent) is not only planned, but will be available sooner than I would have expected. That put a smile on my face.

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