Tuesday, December 2, 2008

another Savage Worlds house-rule / experiment

Amongst my ridiculous dice collection, I own a couple of d14s and d16s. I wonder what it would be like if Savage Worlds carried up the die spectrum instead of making the step after d12 be d12+1. This would, of course, reduce the value of things like the Weapon Master edge, since getting your die up another slot would get it's effects and more. I wonder what other (if any) ripple effects it would have.

Obviously, it's not an ideal choice for a publisher, since 14 and 16 sided dice are rare and relatively expensive. But since I've got them, I may just try it that way with the upcoming Land of the Lost campaign. (Not that the PC in that game would qualify for such dice anytime in the first 20 sessions or so, but it's worth a hypothetical tinker.)

Perhaps I'll have Size still give it's normal bonus, and have the Professional and Expert edges give +1 and +2 to the trait (which could be a d12 or higher), but let Attributes and Skills continue up the scale into larger dice. Continual +1 is probably better than going up a die, but it's close. Being able to go up a die or two further, and still get that edge too would really allow for some high-powered Legendary Rank play. Hmm...

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