Thursday, June 12, 2008

saddened by numbers on Scion Companion part 2

The section will contain:
* How to make a demigod or God at character creation
* 27 new Knacks (three for each Epic Attribute)
* 15 new Birthrights (three Creatures, three Followers, three Guides and six Relics)
* The complete Atlantean pantheon Purview (Scire) and Virtues
* 32 new All-Purpose Purview Boons (two for each Purview)
* 10 new Magic spells
What a let down. They'd previously announced 48 All-Purpose Boons and 20 Magic spells and an unspecified number of Knacks. I'd held off making more knacks and my own alternate boons largely because of the promise that there'd be lots in this book.

Secondary source of disappointment: The chapter releases about a week from now by most counts, having been pushed back from it's original late May release date. That means I won't get my hands on it till we're in the middle of our move, when I really won't have the time to read it or design new boons to fill the holes.

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