Shadows of Brimstone articles

Forbidden Fortress kickstarter announcement

Ironically, now that I work for Flying Frog Productions and contribute to the creation of new products for Shadows of Brimstone, I almost never post to my blog about it. A lot of what I do is covered by an NDA. Everything below this line was written before I was hired by FFP, back when I was just a random kickstarter backer taking a chance on a new game...

Session Reports and Campaign Logs

Myth vs Galaxy Defenders vs Shadows Of Brimstone:

A multi-part article series comparing these three cooperative miniatures games.
  1. Comparing Character Creation and Advancement
  2. Comparing Set-Up Time
  3. Comparing Flexibility and Customization
  4. Comparing Game-Length and Pacing
  5. Comparing Setting and Miniatures
  6. Comparing Boards and Rulebooks
  7. Comparing NPC AI
  8. Comparing Non-Combat Actions and Quest Variety
  9. Not technically part of the above series, but I do make some Myth vs Brimstone comparisons inthis article, too.

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