Myth (Board/Minis Game) articles

These are things I made back in the early days when I had just received the Myth kickstarter.

New Chapter Quests:

Story Quests Converted Into Chapter Quests:

In a nutshell, I prefer the flexible "Free-Questing" mode, but the game really penalizes you if you don't engage in Story quests. This was an attempt to move the best parts of Story mode into the Free-Quest format.
  1. No Rest For The Weary
  2. The Stone of Life
  3. The Mad King (and an earlier draft of the same Story)
  4. Common People
  5. this space reserved for The Infernal Machine

Eventually, I plan to convert all the Story Quests from both the main book and the Kickstarter bonus book.

Recommended House Rules for use with those conversions:

House Rule #1:  At the end of every third session, the players receive a Deck Manipulation reward.  When this happens, items are reset to their starting (brown) equipment for each character, but you can save 1 item + 1 per earned Title. Serendipity and gold are reset to zero at this time as well.

Addendum to House Rule #1: If the Heroes ended the third session while still in the middle of a Quest Chain, they may choose to delay the Deck Manipulation and item reset until the end of the session in which they complete that chain. Further Deck Manipulation rewards do NOT accumulate while you are delaying one.

House Rule #2: When you complete a chain Quest that directs you to add a new chain to the Quest Deck, you may choose to either place that card on top of the deck, or to shuffle it into the deck. If the last Quest of a session tells you to add a new chain to the Quest deck, you may make the decision at the start of the next session.

Session Reports and Miscellaneous Thoughts:

Reviews and Comparisons:

Myth vs Galaxy Defenders vs Shadows Of Brimstone:

A multi-part article series comparing these three cooperative miniatures games.
  1. Comparing Character Creation and Advancement
  2. Comparing Set-Up Time
  3. Comparing Flexibility and Customization
  4. Comparing Game-Length and Pacing
  5. Comparing Setting and Miniatures
  6. Comparing Boards and Rulebooks
  7. Comparing NPC AI
  8. Comparing Non-Combat Actions and Quest Variety

Status: I no longer own Myth (ex-wife got it in the divorce) so I won't be updating these files or creating any new Myth content.

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